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HYE TV  Productions

About Us

We take great pride in being an active and important part of the Armenian-American community, being able to inform, educate and entertain.
We supported countless programs that aim to preserve the Armenian Culture and heritage, yet encourage new voices in the arts, literature, and performing arts.
Advanced broadcasting technology allows us to excel in production quality, which greatly reflects the outstanding content produced by our creative team. With a unique team of highly-qualified professionals and innovative technological capabilities.

Hye TV is the number one choice of forward thinkers and decision-makers, those who value quality, integrity, and progress.
Hye TV broadcasts in English, Armenian, Arabic, and, Russian.
We Broadcast in high definition (HD) and other formats, providing 24 hours of a wide variety of entertainment programs, and guest appearances comprised of politicians, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, and artists from all over.
We Are Broadcasting On Several Portals And Websites Like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TwixtTv, Tik Tok And More…

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